How To Prevent A Receding Gum Line

A receding gum line is no joke. Far from just looking unappealing, a receding gum line can lead to disease as well as lost teeth. While it is true that gums do typically recede as you age, that doesn't mean you are powerless to stop how much erodes away. Indeed, a few preventive measures can keep you from having to undergo corrective procedures. 

Reduce The Risk of Periodontal Disease

One of the primary culprits of a receding gum line is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease starts with a buildup of plaque on your teeth that is a haven for dangerous bacterial growth. Periodontal disease is alarmingly common, with half of the US population suffering from it, according to the CDC. What perhaps is more surprising is that periodontal disease is easily prevented by regular brushing and flossing, although other things, like smoking, do contribute.

In short, properly caring for your dental health is of utmost importance to prevent a receding gum line. 

Refrain From Brushing Too Hard

While it is natural to believe that brushing can't possibly harm your mouth, this is not quite true. Indeed brushing too hard can be just as detrimental as not brushing at all in some cases. This is because the stiff bristles of a toothbrush can often scrub away gum tissue if used too vigorously.  This effect is particularly noticeable on the back corners of the mouth, where the molars are. To remedy this, use a toothbrush with soft bristles, and only apply enough pressure to cause a light abrasive force against your teeth.

Use a Night Guard

Night guards prevent your teeth from grinding into each other as you sleep. This is particularly helpful for people that find themselves grinding and gritting their teeth as they sleep. Grinding in particular can aggravate damage already being caused by periodontal disease, as the pressure on the teeth causes the gum line to recede.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Having a dental professional, especially a periodontist, examine your mouth on a bi-yearly basis can help keep your gums healthy. This is perhaps one of the most useful preventative measures, as a professional can often advise you as well as detect gum recession at an early stage. This can help stop the problem before it gets out of hand and causes damage to the rest of your mouth.

Either way, preventing your gums from receding is a relatively simple task with a little mindfulness. If you suspect that you might be having trouble with gum recession, contact a dentist immediately for corrective action.