How A Molar Tooth With A Cavity & Dental Abscess Is Treated

Do you have a molar tooth with a cavity and dental abscess that hurts? You must get your tooth treated before it decays beyond repair and causes you to suffer from more severe dental problems. In this article, find out how a dentist will go about treating your molar tooth to give you pain relief.

How is a Molar Tooth with a Cavity & Abscess Treated?

Before treating your cavity and abscess, the dentist will likely give you an x-ray to access the condition of your overall oral health. He or she will make sure you don't have gum disease or damaged jawbones. If your x-ray is nothing to be concerned about, you will have to undergo a root canal before the cavity is treated. The root canal will allow the dentist to remove toxic pus from out of the abscess after drilling a hole in the enamel. Damaged tissue (nerves & blood vessels) will also be removed during the root canal, which is located in the bottom area of your tooth called the pulp chamber.

After the root canal is done, your cavity and hole from the drill will be filled. It will be up to you as to what kind of filling is placed in the hole. If you are not concerned with how the filling will look when you open your mouth, you may want to opt for silver amalgam. However, a tooth-colored resin is the best kind of filling if you don't want it to be noticeable. Tooth-colored resin will be hard to see unless you open your mouth and show it to someone.

After your tooth is filled, you will be prescribed antibiotics to fight off an infection. Brush your teeth after each meal to keep the repaired molar durable.

What Does a Tooth Colored Filling Cost?

Your tooth colored resin filling should cost an average of up to $250. However, you can pay as much as $350 for the filling if you are not covered by dental insurance. You may be able to make payments if your dentist offers a financing option.

Don't allow your cavity and abscess to remain in your molar for too long because it may lead to gum disease. You don't want gum disease, as it will start out as minor gingivitis but can turn into periodontal disease. Make a dentist appointment with Kyle J Frisinger DMD to get a root canal and tooth-colored filling!