The Choice Is Clear: Two Little-Known Reasons That Clear Braces Beat Metal Ones

The two main kinds of teeth straightening available today are clear braces and metal braces. Many people assume that the only reason to choose clear braces is aesthetics. After all, clear braces do allow you to correct teeth alignment without marring your teeth with unattractive metal brackets and wires. What you may not know is that there are a couple of other very compelling reasons to choose clear braces over metal ones, as well. Keep reading to learn what they are!

The Comfort Level

Clear braces are made out of a sturdy plastic that fits snugly over your teeth. These plastic trays are made to the exact dimensions of your mouth. Thus, there is no need for adjustment tools like metal wires and rubber bands.

The lack of metal and rubber bands gives you a much higher comfort level than metal braces can offer. Even when metal braces are in perfect shape (no loose wires poking you,) the metal brackets may still irritate the delicate lining of the mouth. Clear braces are completely smooth, which gives you a comfort level that metal braces just can't match.

The Chance to Take a Break

With metal braces, you never get a break from wearing them. They are adhered to your teeth with dental cement, and they will typically stay there, 24 hours a day, for 18 months to two years. If you want to have the opportunity to take a little break from braces, clear braces may be ideal for you.

Clear braces are usually worn around the clock with a couple of notable exceptions. You can remove clear braces when you brush and floss your teeth, and you can remove them when you eat and drink. While these activities may not take a huge amount of time, they do give you the chance to enjoy being braces–free on a regular basis.

You even get the chance to monitor your straightening progress in the mirror each day while you brush your teeth. This is far better than trying to peer through a maze of metal to determine whether your teeth have started to shift properly.

Clear braces may not be right for people with very severe teeth alignment problems. However, for many adults and teens that need mild to moderate teeth straightening they are becoming the top choice. Ask your orthodontist whether you could benefit from straightening with clear braces. You'll be able to enjoy a straighter smile, and people may never even know that you wear braces! If you'd like to find a provider of clear braces near you, look at websites like