3 Breakfast Options That Support Your Oral Health

Many people find it difficult to commit to eating breakfast every morning because they are caught up in the rush to get out the door. Even so, it is still very important to make time to eat a nutritious breakfast. The food that you eat helps to determine the quality of your overall health, and it also plays a large role in the formation of your oral health. There are many breakfast foods that can help support your oral health, and they are easy to prepare and come in many delicious varieties. Here are three breakfast options that support your oral health.

Scrambled eggs with cheese and chopped vegetables

You can make scrambled eggs while you are on the go. All you need is coffee mug, a microwave, two eggs, shredded cheese, and the chopped vegetables of your choice. Crack two eggs into a coffee mug and add a splash of milk. Stir the eggs with a fork, then microwave the contents of the mug for 30 seconds. Add the cheese and chopped vegetables, then stir the eggs one more time and put the mug back in the microwave for an additional 45 seconds. After that, you have a protein-packed breakfast that also provides phosphorus to strengthen your tooth enamel.

Fruit salad with mixed berries, apples, and oranges

Eating a fruit salad first thing in the morning gives you a boost of energy accompanied by cool, fresh tastes. Apples, mixed berries, and oranges are easy to add to a fruit salad. These fruits provide essential nutrients that benefit your oral health. Fruits that are high in vitamin C, like citrus fruits, have been linked with good gum health. Research shows that those with higher levels of vitamin C in their bloodstreams are less likely to experience the symptoms associated with gum disease.

Greek yogurt parfait with strawberries and blueberries

A Greek yogurt parfait is easy to prepare, and also provides a variety of flavors. You can pick different flavors of yogurt and different fruit to accompany them as well. Yogurt, like all dairy foods, is loaded with vitamin D and calcium that help to combat tooth loss. Calcium helps to remineralize tooth enamel after it is degraded by acid attacks and mechanical stresses. Also, dairy foods are basic, which allows them to help balance the pH in your mouth; this makes your mouth less inviting to bad bacteria that cause bad breath.

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