4 Reasons You Should Wear A Mouth Guard Nightly If You Suffer From Bruxism

People who grind their teeth as they sleep at night suffer from a condition called bruxism. The grinding is unintentional and may also occur during the day at times of stress. If you suffer with nightly episodes of dental grinding, it is important to wear a mouth guard nightly. Here are a few reasons why:

You lessen your chance of developing a crap or chip in a tooth.

As your teeth are ground together during a period of bruxism, the pressure can cause the structural integrity of a tooth to be compromised. As a result, a chip or crack can develop in a tooth.

A properly fitted mouth guard can help reduce the likelihood of a crack or chip. Mouth guards that are worn for bruxism are usually made of a soft, rubbery material. The mouth guard absorbs some of the bite pressure that would have been transferred to your teeth.

You lessen your chance of loosening a dental implant.

A mouth guard can also decrease your chance of loosening a dental implant as you grind your teeth. Dental implants are positioned inside the jawbone, just as a natural tooth is. When you grind your teeth back and forth, you place additional pressure on the implant device. Once the dental implant becomes loose inside the jawbone, it fails. In order to replace the dental implant, the patient has to undergo the entire implant installation and healing process again.

Teeth grinding can also irritate the tissues of the gums.

Gingival inflammation can result in gum disease, which can progress to serious forms of periodontal disease. People who suffer from periodontitis can display multiple negative symptoms, such as loose teeth, pain when chewing, chronic bad breath and red, swollen gums.

Dental restorations can be damaged.

If you have had dental work applied to your teeth, it can be damaged as you grind your teeth. Fillings can be unseated and other dental applications, such as veneers and dental bonding, can be chipped away.

A mouth guard should be worn nightly, since most people who suffer from bruxism do not know when an episode of grinding will occur. In addition, people who suffer from bruxism should avoid caffeine and nicotine before bedtime. These substances may increase the occurrence of bruxism.

Mouth guards can be purchased over-the-counter, but the most customized guards are acquired from a dentist. If you believe that you suffer from bruxism, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your area, like Sun Dental & Orthodontics.