Six Important Things To Do To Prevent Denture Discomfort

Too many denture wearers assume that denture discomfort is not something that can be prevented. The truth is that denture discomfort can be effectively prevented if denture wearers take the following six preventive measures:

Take a break

A lot of denture discomfort is caused by overuse. You don't need to have your dentures in all the time. When you have them in, there is the potential that they will stress your gums and cause sores to develop in your mouth.

You can take your dentures out when you're simply lounging around the house or when you're sleeping. This will give your mouth a break and minimize the chances that constant contact will cause sores to develop on your gums. 

Gradually expose your mouth to new dentures

It's important to start out slowly when wearing a new pair of dentures. At first, it's best to only put the dentures in for a short period of time. As time goes on, you can build up to wearing the dentures throughout your waking hours so that your gums can adjust to them without developing sores in the meantime. 

Be careful what you're eating

When you get a new pair of dentures, you should not jump right into eating hard foods.

While you were waiting for a pair of dentures to be prepared, you were probably on a soft food diet. Continuing this soft food diet over the first few days that you have a new set of dentures is a good idea.

This will limit the stress that you put on your new dentures and gums while you are getting adjusted. 

Give yourself a gum massage

Occasionally massaging the gums can go a long way in preventing denture discomfort. Giving yourself a gum massage while also rubbing on a soothing substance like aloe vera is especially effective at preventing denture pain. 

Soothe your gums with home remedies

There are a variety of simple home remedies out there that can not only treat, but also prevent denture pain.

Gargling with a mixture of warm water and salt is a great idea. This is not only soothing on the mouth, but it also helps to kill bacterial growth that can aggravate gum sores and delay healing.

Get into a good denture cleaning regime

Cleaning dentures every day is important in preventing discomfort. It clears away debris and washes away bacteria that can cause and aggravate soreness. 

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