Tips For Making Dental Implants A Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

Dental implants can have many benefits, but they also come with a larger price tag than some other tooth replacement options. For this reason, many patients are interested in learning how they can protect their investment and ensure that the dental implant lasts for a long time. Here are some steps you can take.

Make Sure You're a Great Candidate

The first way to protect your dental implants starts before you even get them. Be sure that your dentist does a thorough evaluation to make sure you're a great candidate for dental implants. The biggest issue occurs when there is not enough bone in the jaw to fully support the dental implant, so it never fully attaches to the jaw. Bone grafting may be possible to create a stronger base for your dental implant. Or, your dentist might recommend that you get mini dental implants, which are a form of dental implant that doesn't rely as much on the jaw bone.

Follow Up with Your Dentist

Another step requires you to follow up with your dentist at scheduled intervals to ensure the healing process is going correctly. Ongoing infections or shifts of the dental implant could affect the final outcome of your implant surgery, but a quick visit to the dentist is often enough to spot potential issues and correct them.

Have Great Dental Hygiene

The material of your dental implant is more resilient to decay and staining than regular tooth enamel, but great dental hygiene is still important for optimal results. While it may be difficult to brush and floss your dental implant at first, certain equipment can help you; interproximal brushes and water flossers may be recommended by your dentist to make these habits easier and less painful.

Get a Mouth Guard

If your original tooth was damaged by impact from a sporting event or a fall and you think the injury could happen again, then it's especially important to get a mouth guard to protect your mouth whenever you are in a potentially dangerous situation. It would be a real shame to invest in a strong dental implant, only to have it knocked out in a sporting event. Plus, a mouth guard will help to ensure that none of your other teeth experience a similar trauma. Your dentist can help you order a mouth guard with a custom fit for your mouth, so that you know it will be comfortable and highly tailored to your teeth.

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