Three Of Your Concerns About Invisalign Braces Answered

Straight teeth are an important cosmetic factor for a great many people. Yet, genetics, grinding habits, and injuries can impact the alignment of your teeth, which can seriously degrade your overall appearance. Invisalign braces can be a popular option for correcting these issues, but deciding to start treatment sessions may require you to learn more about this orthodontic approach.

What Should You Expect When Having New Invisalign Retainers Made?

One of the first steps in starting these treatments will be to have custom made retainers created. These retainers will be the basis for straightening your teeth, and as a result, it is very important for the dentist to make them as accurate as possible.

For this reason, your first session will involve a detailed examination of your mouth. Often, x-rays will be taken so that the orthodontist can examine the underlying bone structure of your jaw. Additionally, a mold will be made of your teeth, which will serve as the basis for the retainers. By slightly modifying the retainer, the orthodontist will be able to gently guide the teeth into the correct positions.

Will Invisalign Braces Contribute To Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is one of the more common dental problems that will impact people over the course of their lives. Sadly, some people may avoid undergoing orthodontic treatments for fears that they will be more prone to develop cavities. This is often a problem for patients that are opting for traditional braces because the metal wires can trap tartar and food particles against the enamel, which can accelerate the process of decay forming.

In contrast, Invisalign patients are less susceptible to this problem because their retainers are easy to remove. Therefore, patients will be able to remove their retainers when they are brushing to ensure that they thoroughly clean their teeth.

Do Invisalign Braces Take Longer To Work Than Traditional Braces?

Most orthodontic patients want to achieve results as quickly as possible so that they will no longer have to be self-conscious about wearing their braces. While it is true that Invisalign may take slightly longer to correct certain dental issues, such as alignment issues with your bite, this is not the case for all problems as these retainers can be highly effective at rapidly correcting alignment issues with the teeth. Additionally, these retainers are far more difficult to notice than traditional braces because they are almost completely clear, and this can minimize concerns about the way that wearing braces can impact your appearance.