When Your Child's Loose Tooth Is Stubborn

If your child has a loose tooth that's about ready to come out, it's generally advisable to let it come out on its own. However, sometimes those teeth can be stubborn and seem like they have no plans of coming out on their own. While there are many people who like to help their child's teeth come out by doing things like tying a string to the tooth and to a door knob and then shutting the door (or using other interesting methods), these methods are not advisable. Instead, you can use the methods offered in this article to help your child's tooth finally come out.

Have your child swish water around in their mouth a few times a day

Swishing water around in their mouth will cause the tooth to do a lot of extra wiggling under the water's motion without them experiencing any amount of irritation. If the tooth has been causing them some discomfort, then you can instead have them swish with warm salt water. The salt water will help to relieve some of that discomfort naturally.

Have your child eat an apple

Biting into an apple will naturally put a lot of pressure on your child's loose tooth. Also, the edges of the apple will grab on to the tooth and further increase the chances of it coming out. Another benefit of using this method is it will ensure your child is eating plenty of apples which are good for them anyway.

Instruct your child to wiggle the tooth with their tongue

You should have your child wiggle their tooth around with their tongue. This will get it closer and closer to falling out on its own. You can also let them play with it with their clean hands. They can even tug on it and see if they can pull it out on their own.

Take them in to the dentist for very stubborn teeth

If the tooth is very loose but still won't seem to come out, have your child give it some good tugs. If it still refuses, then you may want to take them in to the dentist so they can pull it out for your child. This way they can examine your child and let you know if you can expect the rest of their baby teeth to also be as stubborn as the one that they pulled out.

If this is one of your child's last teeth to fall out, a Delta Dental oral surgeon could examine your child's mouth and help determine what sort of other problems they may encounter (that would require surgery) as they continue growing.