Is My Tooth Pain Related To My Sinuses?

During sinus season, you might experience tooth pain. You may also wonder if the cause of your tooth pain is an issue with your oral hygiene. But your sinuses may actually be the cause of your tooth pain. 

Finding Out the Root Cause

If you are experiencing tooth pain that is the result of sinuses, you will likely feel the pain near the sinus area. If you are not sure about whether you should see your doctor or a dentist, start with dental care services. At your regular checkup, bring up your tooth pain near your sinuses. They will look at X-rays and will determine if you are grinding your teeth, have a tooth abscess, or have a cavity. You may also have a problem related to your jaw.

When the Pain Comes from an Oral Infection

Finding out the exact cause of your tooth pain is crucial because tooth pain can be a warning sign of a more serious issue. If you have a deep cavity, you will need the cavity treated or else you may need to have your tooth removed.

Fortunately, by visiting your dentist, you may be able to save your tooth, have your cavity filled, and have the pain completely erased. Depending on the severity of the infection, you might need to have infected root pulp removed from your tooth through a root canal. You may also need a crown attached to your tooth to improve the structure of the tooth. 

When the Pain Comes from Your Sinuses

In some cases, it may actually be your sinuses. Your sinuses are empty cavities that are filled with air. Your sinuses are in a part of your head where both friendly and unfriendly bacteria can live. The bacteria can cause the membrane to become infected, which may block the nasal passage. The bacteria become trapped in your sinus and can cause a sinus infection. 

There are several different types of sinuses, including your maxillary sinuses. Pressure can build up and can place pressure on your jaw bones. The roots of your upper molar teeth can be very close to this sinus cavity and may hurt as a result. 

Treating Sinus Infections

If your tooth pain is caused by your sinuses, you should go to the doctor to receive a treatment. You will often be prescribed corticosteroid drops and an antibiotic. Depending on the severity of your sinus infection, you may need a surgery.