3 Tips To Keep Your Clear Braces Clean

Adults who need to straighten their teeth often choose clear braces over the traditional bracket and wire style of braces seen on many teens. Clear braces are less noticeable, making them a great option for working professionals.

One of the primary challenges that you will face when wearing clear braces is keeping these trays clean. Since the clear braces completely cover your own teeth, tray cleanliness is critical to the overall health of your teeth in the future.

1. Soak Trays Daily

Bacteria is a significant threat when it comes to clear braces. You don't want the trays to serve as a breeding ground for bacteria that might then contribute to tooth decay while you are wearing your clear braces.

You should soak your clear braces each day to prevent bacteria buildup. Use a quality denture cleaner and a dedicated toothbrush to thoroughly clean the trays before placing them in your mouth each morning. This will help you start the day off with a tray free from bacteria.

2. Keep Your Case With You

You will need to remove your clear braces throughout the day as you eat. It's critical that you take your case with you so that you can safely stow your trays inside when they are not in your mouth.

Leaving your clear braces exposed to the air can lead to bacteria buildup. It also increases the risk of losing a tray, which can be costly to replace. Ask your dentist about purchasing spare cases so that you can keep one in your car, one at home, and one in your handbag or pocket. This will ensure that you always have a case handy to protect your trays when you have removed them to eat.

3. Rinse Trays Upon Removal

Any time that you take your clear braces out during the day, you need to give the tray a thorough rinse before placing it in the storage case. This will help to remove any plaque or saliva that has accumulated on the interior surface of the tray.

Rinse the tray under warm water before placing it in the case so that you can ensure your clear braces remain as clean as possible. This will help you protect your teeth against exposure to harmful bacteria that might lead to decay.

Clear braces can be a valuable tool for any adult looking to improve the alignment of their teeth. Be sure that you are prepared to put in the work required to keep your clear braces clean so that they don't compromise the health of your teeth over time.