How To Regain Your Smile After Gum Disease

When people think about gum disease, it isn't often that a change in one's appearance is on the list of considerations. Unfortunately, gum disease can dramatically change the way that your smile appears to others, leaving you feeling self-conscious as a result. Here's what you should do if you've had gum disease in the past and aren't satisfied with the look of your smile anymore.

Receding Gums

One of the most common problems with gum disease is receding gums. In the short term, this simply means that the gums become tight and pull inward, revealing more of the tooth. However, without quick treatment, this appearance can become permanent, and gum tissue can be lost.

In some cases, your smile may not have appeared any different until you received treatment for your gum disease. In these cases, it's typically because your periodontist needed to remove some of the damaged gum tissue in order to keep the rest of your healthy tissue safe. Thankfully, in either case, you're not without options.

Cosmetic Options

Repairing the look of your smile is as simple as asking a cosmetic dental clinic such as Parklane Dental for help. Cosmetic dentists excel in the treatment of cosmetic dental issues, including those caused by necessary dental treatments.

If your teeth look too long, your gums look too short, and you're not happy with the way your smile looks as a result, a cosmetic dentist can help you by performing a gum graft procedure. This will lengthen your gums back to their original length and make your teeth look shorter and more symmetrical as a result.


Gum grafts are relatively non-invasive procedures to go through. You won't need general anesthesia in most cases, and cosmetic dentists can typically perform the treatment in one or two visits to their office.

After the two of you sit down and discuss the treatment, you'll be set up for the procedure. Your dentist will numb your mouth thoroughly and will then remove small strips of tissue from the roof of your mouth. This will all be done under sanitary conditions and with steps taken to prevent infection so that the roof of your mouth heals quickly.

That tissue will then be cut, shaped, and ultimately attached to your gums by your dentist. Over time as your gums heal, the new tissue will grow together with the old tissue, and your gums will regain their original appearance before they got sick.

Gum grafts are a very simple way to achieve a healthy, beautiful-looking smile. Talk to a dentist and set up an appointment to get this process started today.