Some Helpful Answers To Common Veneer Questions

Porcelain veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that get permanently adhered to the surfaces of your teeth for a number of reasons. Porcelain veneer treatment can be used to lengthen teeth, close in gaps, repair small damages, strengthen weak teeth, whiten permanently discolored teeth, or a multitude of other issues. Here are some questions people may have about veneers if they don't know much about them; most people don't know a lot about veneers if they've never had them before. Plus, the answers to the questions will be included.

Can veneers be used in place of crowns?

There are some cases when veneers can be used instead of crowns, depending on what the problem is that the crowns would be used for. However, in other cases, veneers aren't able to be used. If you were having a crown put on for something cosmetic, then it is highly likely the dentist will be able to use a veneer instead. However, if you have a serious issue with a tooth and it needs the protection of a crown in the case of something like a good amount of decay, then a veneer won't offer you enough protection and can't be used.

Will veneers match your tooth color?

If you are having one or more veneers put on in order to correct or improve something about your teeth, then a question you might have about veneers is whether you can really count on them to match the color of the rest of your teeth. If you get one or more veneers that don't match your natural teeth, everyone will know you have something going on with the teeth the veneers are on. The good news is that there are four class of colors and many shades that can be used to ensure the veneers match your other teeth. However, if all of your teeth will be getting veneers, then this may be your chance to choose whiter, brighter teeth for that near-to-perfect smile.

Will your teeth be significantly damaged in veneer preparations?

Something a lot of people worry about with veneers is whether their teeth will need to be shaved way down to prepare for the veneers, to the point of their teeth being made significantly smaller. You'll be relieved to know that very little of your teeth need to be shaved to make room for veneers, so the natural teeth won't be significantly damaged.