What Will You Learn In An Online Teeth Whitening Training Course?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. Stains accumulate on teeth over time, creating a yellow hue that many patients find unattractive. As a dentist or dental hygienist, you have the opportunity to help patients permanently remove these stains through professional teeth whitening.

If you've never performed whitening services before, don't worry. You can learn about the tools and techniques used for this procedure in an online teeth whitening training course. This course is perfect for teeth whitening beginners or anyone who'd like to refresh their knowledge. Here are four things you'll learn in an online teeth whitening training course:

1. Assessing Patients For Treatment

Before beginning a teeth whitening treatment, you'll first need to assess your patient's teeth. You'll need to look for anything that could hinder or complicate the teeth whitening treatment. A patient with sensitive teeth may find the procedure too uncomfortable. Cavities and gum disease should also be addressed before teeth whitening is pursued. During your teeth whitening training, you'll learn the contraindications for the teeth whitening procedure.

2. Setting Patient Expectations

You'll also learn to set patient expectations during your training course. Teeth whitening can lift stained or yellowed teeth by several shades. However, severe discoloration may require multiple treatments. Make sure your patients have realistic expectations of the teeth whitening process. When patients know what to expect, they will be calmer during the procedure and happier with their results.

3. Administering The Teeth Whitening Treatment

Most importantly, you will learn the correct technique for administering the teeth whitening treatment. During the procedure, you will paint a whitening solution on your patient's teeth. You must be careful not to get the solution on your patient's gums, where it can cause irritation. You'll watch a demonstration during your online training course, which will help you understand the process more thoroughly than simple written instructions would allow.

4. Preparing Patients For Aftercare

Finally, you'll learn how to advise your patient regarding aftercare. For instance, you should recommend that your patients use sensitivity-reducing toothpaste following their whitening procedure. Their teeth may be sensitive for a few weeks after their treatment, and the right toothpaste can make them more comfortable.

Online teeth whitening courses are the perfect way to learn a new skill. These courses are completely remote, so you'll be able to maintain a safe social distance from your instructor at all times. At the end of your teeth whitening course, you'll be given a certificate that acknowledges you have completed and passed the class. For more information about enrolling in an online teeth whitening training course, contact a local instructor.