Three Ways Crooked Teeth Can Impact Your Life That You May Not Have Thought About

Crooked teeth are a blight on a person's appearance, and typically, braces are sought out in order to help people to look better. However, that's not all that braces are capable of doing. Some people will also benefit in surprising ways from braces that you may have never considered before. If you have crooked teeth and have considered braces to simply be a fix to cosmetic considerations, then take a look at these three other benefits that you can reap from having your teeth straightened.


The positioning of your teeth and the shape of your jaw can actually have an impact on how you speak. For some people, mumbling and difficulty enunciating can develop because there simply isn't as much space in your mouth as there is for other people. If the teeth are positioned in such a way — or the lower jaw is too narrow or small — you can end up with less clearance for your tongue, which can make it harder to pronounce certain sounds clearly.


Another problem that can develop as a result of crooked teeth and misaligned jaws is poorer digestion. While not every person with crooked teeth has this problem, severely crooked teeth, in addition to underbites and overbites, can sometimes make it difficult to chew your food normally. This means that you may end up swallowing your food before it's as well-chewed as another person's.

In addition to increasing the risk of choking on your food, you should know that digestion starts in the mouth. The chewing of your teeth and the distribution of saliva start the digestion process long before the food ever reaches your stomach. However, if you're only lightly chewing your food because you can't do a good job of tearing it up and grinding it between your teeth, you're not fully benefiting from this process, and your stomach may have a harder time digesting your meal as a result.

Oral Health

Another potential problem you can face is poor oral health. The reason for this is that it's typically more difficult for someone to take good care of their teeth when they're overcrowded or crooked. Sliding floss between the teeth is more difficult, and if you use too much pressure to try and squeeze it in, you can end up hitting your gums. All of these difficulties can not only make it harder to clean your teeth efficiently, but they can also discourage people from trying to floss, as it may be difficult or painful.

If you struggle with crooked teeth, contact an orthodontist's office, such as Reed & Sahlaney Orthodontics, LLP, for professional assistance.