3 Great Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Not everybody is born with a perfect set of pearly whites. Many people have at least one misshapen or discolored tooth. Similarly, you have may have been involved in a minor accident that has left one or more of your teeth cracked or chipped. While fillings are a well-known remedy for a variety of dental problems, they can't always fix ones like these. That's where dental crowns come in. Dental crowns help to repair damaged teeth and are beneficial for a number of reasons. Take a look below to discover three of the most prominent ones.


Perhaps more than any other reason, dentists love crowns for their sheer versatility. Crowns can save dentists -- and their patients -- the time, money, and hassle required to extract a tooth, instead helping to strengthen it against decay. Crowns can also cover up a tooth that already has a filling or a dental implant. Crowns are often useful after root canal procedures, too. Whatever the case, crowns often represent a relatively simple and affordable way to improve dental health overall.


Another great benefit of dental crowns is that they are proven to be durable solutions to the problems listed above. Once a crown has been put in place by your dentist, you can treat it like any other tooth. You don't have to be particularly careful when eating certain foods, and you can still brush and floss the crown as part of your daily dental hygiene routine. This holds true even if your crown exists for purely cosmetic reasons. While crowns aren't completely impervious, if taken care of properly, they can still hold up without any problems for many years.

Improved Dental Health

Crowns aren't just an easy way to improve your smile or appearance. They are fundamental to dental health as well. In fact, many patients fail to realize just how significantly a decaying tooth can affect oral health. A rotting tooth that does not yet have a crown in place is a breeding ground for bacteria that can be harmful to other vulnerable teeth. Worse still, it is possible that this bacteria becomes the catalyst for issues related to gum health. This, in turn, is often linked to serious overall health problems, ranging from diabetes to heart disease. Crowns may seem like a minor form of dental treatment, but in reality they are far more beneficial than you might realize. 

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