General Denistry: What Does It Entail?

If you want to go to the dentist and you see an ad for a dentist performing general dentistry, do you know what that means? What does general dental care mean, and can you benefit from this type of dentistry?

Use this guide to help you understand what this type of dentistry entails. You should be able to get many of your dental appointments scheduled easily using this service.

General checkups and cleanings

Yes, you can have your checkups and cleanings done at a general dentistry clinic. Your general dental care will include a regular checkup as many times a year as you deem appropriate, as well as the cleanings you need to keep your oral health in check. If you need a deeper oral health cleaning or need to have very extensive dental work done, you may be referred to an oral or cosmetic dental surgeon, but for the most part, your cleanings and checkups, including X-rays, can be performed at your local general dentistry office.

Teeth extractions and fillings

You can have teeth extractions and fillings taken care of at your local general dentistry office. Your general dentist can help you get the most out of your dental experience by removing smaller cavities and repairing the tooth with fillings to keep the tooth strong. If you need a tooth removed, your dentist can remove the tooth safely and effectively and will continue to watch your mouth to ensure your oral health is kept intact throughout the experience.

If you need a root canal or heavier dental work such as dental crowns, general dentistry can meet some of these needs. Some issues that need additional cosmetic work or actual surgery under general anesthesia may require the assistance of more dental practitioners.

What makes going to a general dentistry practice great is that you can get your general dental care mostly taken care of in just one location. Your general dentist will be happy to assist you with your dental care needs and can give you lots of advice on how to keep your smile intact. When you need to make an appointment for an emergency dental visit, your general dentistry clinic can take care of many of these needs as well.

If your needs cannot be met in a traditional clinic, you'll get a referral to another clinic. Your general dentist will help you keep your oral health in great condition at all times.

Contact a general dentistry office for more information.