Give Them The Care They Need: How To Clean And Protect Your Invisalign Aligners

If you've decided to choose Invisalign tooth aligners to straighten your teeth, you've made a great choice. Invisalign are the perfect way to achieve the results you want, without the bulky metal braces. Invisalign allow you to straighten your teeth while still giving you the freedom to eat the foods you love, and maintain a normal lifestyle. However, it is important to note that your Invisalign aligners will need to have proper care.

4 Benefit Of Getting X-Rays At The Dentist

Seeing your dental provider is something you should do at least twice a year. This is the key to maintaining your teeth and working to avoid some problems. Failing to care for your teeth properly can even lead to extractions. It's also essential to get x-rays as these are recommended by your provider. Being aware of some of the top reasons to have x-rays completed may be the motivation you need to schedule your appointment today.

Three Misconceptions Some Parents Believe About Children's Oral Care

There are many first-time parents who do not know the first thing about taking care of their children's teeth properly. It is important to take the time to learn how to provide your child with proper oral care so that they can have healthy, strong teeth for years to come. The following guide walks you through a few misconceptions you need to avoid when it comes to your child's oral care.

Veneers Or Bonding: Which One Should You Choose?

Do you find yourself sometimes placing your hand over your mouth when you smile or laugh? This indicates that you may be self-conscious about a problem with your teeth. They are perhaps worn out, chipped, discolored or having minor gaps between them. Good news: You can restore your self-confidence and that beautiful smile. How do you decide what will work for you? While veneers and bonding have the same goal of giving you that perfect smile; they follow different routes to that destination.

Tips To Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy During The Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many people indulge in treats that they may not otherwise eat, get out of their routine, or drink drinks that may not normally partake in. All of this can spell trouble for your teeth. Here are a few tips on how you can help to keep your teeth healthy during the holiday season.  Minimize the Chewy Treats You Indulge In During the holiday season, you may indulge in chewy treats, such as caramel and taffy.