Expectations For Home Care After A Gum Graft Procedure

Will you soon be undergoing a gum graft procedure, but not sure what it will be like when you return home? Here is some advice about what to expect for your home care when you are in the recovery process from gum graft surgery.  Pain Your pain will depend on the size of the gum graft and where the gum graft was taken. If you have a connective tissue gum graft, you will have an additional wound that needs to heal from where the tissue was taken from.

4 Questions About Getting A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a way to replace your missing teeth by anchoring fake teeth to your real teeth. If you need to get a dental bridge, you likely have these questions about them. Can You Remove A Dental Bridge? What makes a dental bridge different from dentures is that the dental bridge is going to be permanently attached to your mouth. There is no way to remove it once it is in place since it is bonded to the surrounding teeth with dental cement.