Dental Tips: Simple Guide To Protect Your Child's Oral Health

Your child's teeth are exposed to several types of harmful bacteria that can flourish inside his or her teeth. It is virtually impossible to stop bacteria from inhabiting your child's mouth, but what you can do is help diminish the oral pathogens that are there. The following guide will equip you with some knowledge to keep your child's teeth safe. Protection Tips: Tools For Battle Consider the following suggestions to help keep your child's teeth healthy:

How To Oil Pull

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian medicinal practice that is thought to aid in promoting good health. It is believed to be especially beneficial for your teeth and gums. Only limited studies have been conducted about the effectiveness of oil pulling. However, the results of the studies that have been performed show that oil pulling does offer some benefits for oral health. For instance, a 2011 Indian study compared the effectiveness of oil pulling to that of a mouth rinse that contained chlorhexidine, which is an antibiotic agent that is included in some mouthwashes.

Conventional, Cantilever, Or Maryland: Pros And Cons Of The Different Types Of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a common replacement option for a missing tooth that was located between two remaining healthy teeth. There are three main parts to any bridge: an artificial tooth, called a pontic, in the center, and some type of connecting mechanism on each side. The connecting mechanisms are usually dental crowns, which are the uppermost cap of an artificial tooth that can be bonded to the natural teeth on each side.

The Choice Is Clear: Two Little-Known Reasons That Clear Braces Beat Metal Ones

The two main kinds of teeth straightening available today are clear braces and metal braces. Many people assume that the only reason to choose clear braces is aesthetics. After all, clear braces do allow you to correct teeth alignment without marring your teeth with unattractive metal brackets and wires. What you may not know is that there are a couple of other very compelling reasons to choose clear braces over metal ones, as well.

What To Expect After Getting Dental Implants And How To Care For Them

If you are going to be getting dental implants, from a clinic like Oral Surgery Associates Inc, you may be more worried about the actual recovery than you are about the procedure itself. It's nerve wracking to not know exactly what to expect once you leave the dentist's office and go home. If you are concerned about the recovery from dental implants, this article will explain what to expect, and how you can help speed up your recovery time.